Gone along

by Means

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Recorded in sporadic lots,
June-Dec 2015 at the Paintest Room Sacramento ca.
Many thank yous to Zack Bissell and Drew Walker
for computer/mastering assistance.


released March 19, 2016

Music and art by Barry McDaniel.
Words and voice for H.R.I by Zack Bissell.



all rights reserved


Means Sacramento, California

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Track Name: Appear
uncertain way,,
sighted seem to gain once again and out,
over end out within appear.
force grow abort life support,
exist upside next to down,
left around the same.
Track Name: Outer course
whispering gallery bent out loud of bounds,
slipping prolapse back in place.
Track Name: Burgess shale
come, first then it was;
inserted deep,
gave impressions of;
an order less and more.
dormant adorers affection love.
come, affected breath span long trapped in a hardened glow.
inspecting whats still left;
a dormant enduring uncertainty, love.
Track Name: Harmonic riddle interplay
Harmonic riddle interplay,
what runs through it lasts more than a day,
running currents each and every way,
whos to say------- WHY?!?!?!!!

Hoard on to another place,
coalesce the scenery amongst its grace,
go forth and do whatever the fuck it takes,
to pull the sleeve out and reveal the ace.

Everything is someones joke,
regardless what you feel or what you sometimes see.
Nevertheless-harmonic riddle interplay,
what runs through it lasts more than a day,
another hue for you to obey,
rather you should--------
What is this madness according to will??
Harmonic riddle interplay-----AYYYYYYY!!!!!
One to many rays makes the face burn into molten goo--
the price paid for the lovely sun--how nice,
"Oh! Maybe i'll just stay in and eat
while watching it happen to someone else."
Someones unease validates the increase of fees,
one to two to three,
immense past tense degrees.
Recline halcyon days,
be what is this madness according to will,
be fine when you recline,
one to two to three,
immense past tense degrees.
Whether you could--no go!
Harmonic riddle interplay.
Track Name: Passless
off-set under rested phrase....strayed off,
and you could care less and free.
passless field.
move-meant miss the point stop,
and still move,
and proving restless and caught..waighted stop.